About Us

Marketing Garden LLC can best be described with a single word.

We love gardening.
We love technology.
We love solving problems.
We love helping people.
We love seeing our customers succeed.

Our love drives us to ensure our customers are taken care of.


Meet the team

Ken Klopp

Business Development

Ken is a successful and driven sales and marketing professional with more than 18 years of service within the green industry. His entrepreneurial spirit and zeal for providing value driven solutions has benefited growers, retail, and businesses alike. Two words can sum up Ken’s business success: Relationships and Value. He networks for business but is passionate about getting to know people on a personal level. Ken says, “There is more to life than just work. Although I find work enjoyable, getting to know people and their life story makes work fulfilling.”

He also has to see value in what he offers his clients. “There needs to be inherent value in the products and solutions I provide customers. This isn’t about selling another widget. My ultimate goal is to help businesses and people; to serve people and solve problems others haven’t been able to,” says Klopp. This authenticity and mindset are what continue to drive Ken forward and leave a trail of success in his wake.

When Ken’s not at the Marketing Garden, he isn’t merely relaxing at home in an easy chair. He is involved in a Colorado based startup that focuses on family and business safety. He also works with middle school and high school students in his local community. When not working or volunteering his time, Ken enjoys camping and climbing 14’ers with his oldest son Kenny. Last, and most important to Ken, is his love for his family. He loves spending time in the mountains or at home with his lovely wife Dana and their three precious children: Kylee, Kenny and Parker.

Jon Tewes

Front-End Developer / Designer

Jon’s interest in web development was sparked from his love of design and his entrepreneurial spirit. After his first computer programming class he was hooked but still needed a creative outlet. Jon attended the University of Nebraska in the Fine Arts department where he honed his digital design skills and merged his love of design with development. As the front-end developer for the Marketing Garden, Jon brings over 15 years of experience delivering innovative user interfaces. His creative passion is continuously driven by a desire to learn and implement new ideas and technology whenever possible.

When not at the Marketing Garden, Jon spends time with his amazing wife, Ruth and their two children Jack and Maddy. You can find him working around the house, playing with the kids, out on the golf course or cheering for his Huskers each Saturday in the fall. Meanwhile, whether he is working or playing, Jon is seeking the Lord, Jesus Christ, and trying to glorify Him with his life.

Chuck Larson

Senior API Engineer/Linux Administrator

What else is there to say?  He is a developer.  We aren’t even sure he ever leaves the house.