Marketing Garden LLC announces The Perfect Plant, a customizable selling assistant for independent garden retailers, is now available for garden retailer websites. The Perfect Plant currently offers kiosks to help associates and customers in a garden retail setting. This added feature now allows garden retailers to reach customers who are shopping online and guide them to the right plants and products before stepping foot in the garden center.

“A number of garden retailers tested our product this spring and are extremely pleased with the success,” says Ken Klopp, business development manager for Marketing Garden. “Our average garden retailer helped customers in-store and online over 400 hours so far this year. That time was spent with customers who are all within driving distance of the store!”

Whether the customer first steps foot in the store, shops from their tablet, or is using their phone, The Perfect Plant allows customers of all ages to connect with the local garden retailer. Customers can find plants the garden retailer carries or a solution to a problem they are battling through the garden retailer’s website or the kiosk located inside the store.

This new addition provides flexible solutions to fit any sized garden retailer and helps tackle some of the challenges they all face. “Labor shortage, seasonal employee knowledge, and time are a few of the challenges garden retailers say we are helping them overcome. We’ve been nicknamed the ‘new Ortho book’ by numerous retailers and industry experts,” says Klopp. “I never imagined receiving this kind of accolade. The exciting news is we aren’t done yet and continue working on ways to grow the success of our garden retail partners.”

This was originally published in Garden Center Magazine and Lawn & Garden Retailer.